Friday, October 23, 2015

Sprinting Toward the End

I did my first track workout outside on a real track last night! I added in a sprints workout each week on the treadmill last April. Initially, I started with 4x200m with walk breaks in between. I could stick to 9mph (6:40 mile) for the first two and 10mph (6:00 mile) for the second two. Slowly, I worked up 10mph for all the sets, then 11mph and even 12mph for the last one or two. I upped the distance to 800 over the following months until I was running 4x800m at 9mph once a week in July.
Then, I read about Yasso 800s and realized, yay, I’m doing it.
Bart Yasso is the Chief Running Officer of Runner’s World Magazine and a very famous figure in the sport. He is the celebrated creator of the Yasso 800s workout. Essentially, if you can run 6-10 800 meter sprints (half miles) in your marathon time, you are prepared to run your marathon in that time. What does this even mean? If you can run a half mile in 3 minutes, 20 seconds, 6 times in a row (with breaks in between), you should be able to run a marathon in 3 hours, 20 minutes. It doesn’t make any sense, but apparently people swear by them and they frequently work out perfectly.
Anywho, up until this week, I ran on the treadmill because I could set the speed and just concentrate on not falling off. But I really wanted to see if I could achieve similar results on a real track. Turns out, I could!

This is how I felt the first 100 meters of every sprint:

This is how I felt the last 700 meters of every sprint:

But I did every repeat in less than 3 minutes, 23 seconds. So it seems I’m doing well with the training whatnot.

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