Monday, January 4, 2016

Break's Over

The day after the Philadelphia Marathon, my friend and I enthusiastically signed up for the Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon in June. I delightedly made a detailed training plan over Thanksgiving and planned to slowly ease back into running over the next few weeks. My 18-week official training plan starts on February 14th, so I had some time to take a break and build back to a base.

I took the week after the marathon completely off. Then the next week I ran....twice. And the week after that...twice. And the week after that....thrice. And so it has continued. I have done much more easing than running. I have gotten my money's worth out of Netflix. Le most excellent boyfriend and I have leveled up in cuddling.

Part of my unmotivated lackadaisical attitude can be attributed to laziness and mental burnout. But part of it too is that I  haven't felt strong and rested while running since before the marathon. For once in my goddamn life I listened to my body and let it rest. I'm hoping the break will translate to a stronger, healthy, flexible self in the spring.

That being said, I ran 4 miles on the track on Friday in 7:36/mi and 4 miles today on the treadmill in 7:29/mi. I can tell my aerobic fitness and strength has declined, but for the first time in a month and a half, I felt rested and strong. My breath came steadily and I felt the urge again to push faster faster.

So, in the words of President Jed Bartlett from my favorite show The West Wing,


I have 6 weeks to build back to a 36 mile per week base. This week will be comprised of a minimum of three 4 mile runs and one 8 mile run, with an option to do more if I feel good. Time to work like a Frolic Ninja!!!

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