Tuesday, May 31, 2016


I'm so super excited about this! I ran 20 hilly miles on asphalt and single-track trail last Saturday, and while it felt exhausting on my already exhausted legs, it didn't feel painful. And I practiced leaning in to the hills and pushing when I wanted to back off. I feel ready.

As has happened at the end of the training cycles of the last two marathons, I feel happy and thrilled that I completed my training plans, regardless of how the marathon turns out.

Of course, I still care quite a lot what happens in the race.

A Goal: 3:25:00
B Goal: 3:30:00
C Goal: PR- faster than 3:33:57 and give myself more breathing room for getting into Boston
D Goal: pssshht, whatever

My excitement for this race is compounded by the fact that it kicks off a 10 day vacation from work and a thrilling adventure with my friend who lives in Washington. So hooray!

So far the taper this time already feels much less painful and useful than last time. I think I peaked my training at the right time, and cross my fingers knock on wood I don't get sick the week before the race again.

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