Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Taper Tired?

Today I sat on the sidewalk and stared at my hands during my run. It was accidental. Well, the staring at my hands was not. Let me back up.

I'm tired. Really really tired. If it's possible to feel glycogen levels in your muscles, then I'm positive I'm feeling severe glycogen depletion. There is no pep in my step, no twinkle in my eye. My body isn't really sore so much as exhausted and noodle-like. Thank God for taper. However, this is Taper Week One of Three, which means that my mileage is 70% of peak, which means that my run yesterday and today were slightly easier than they normally are, but not exactly (or literally, haha puns get it?) a walk in the park. Taper Week Two of Three is when I start to feel good, after I've recovered from my last 20-miler (from this past Saturday) and after I've had a weekend with only a 10-mile easy-paced "long" run. But this, as I've mentioned, is Taper Week One.

This morning I tripped on my walk to work. I've tripped a fair amount in the last few days, leading me to believe, had I no other evidence, that I'm tired in my muscles groups, and that I'm dragging my feet. On Wednesdays, I normally run 7 miles, with 6.25 of those miles doing hills on the BF Bridge. Today, I was scheduled to do 6 miles, with only 3 miles of hills. So I took a route I don't normally take to the bridge to add some flat mileage.

As I was running along, I came to an area of sidewalk with some light construction signage. There were small black sandbags holding down the signs. I ran around a couple of women walking on the sidewalk, putting me close to the signs. I saw the black bags, thought very distinctly "don't trip", put one foot over, made a weak attempt to sufficiently pick up my back foot, failed, tripped dramatically, and fell all the way to the ground, catching myself with hands.

My legs folded gracefully into a cross-legged seated position beneath me and I looked at my hands thinking "huh". I was all set to continue sitting there and trying to sort out what happened and why, but the women I just passed came up and asked if I was okay. I replied in the affirmative and one of them (nice lady) gave me a hand up. She assured me that she's done the same on multiple occasions, saying that adult running is hazardous. Indeed, nice lady, it is.

It only occurred to me later that a) She thought I was embarrassed? I was not in any way embarrassed, more perplexed and amused. I have no shame, and I am not ashamed of that. b) This is the first time I have literally fallen down while running, and if it's happened to her multiple times, that is concerning. Nevertheless, they were very sweet and I appreciated the helping hand and kind words.

Tomorrow is a rest day and all my runs thereafter until the race are to be flat and easy-paced. I'm excited to get back to badass ninja-wind level, instead of flaily light breeze.

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