Thursday, September 15, 2016

Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon: The Long Overdue Race Report, Kinda

Soooo last time we talked I was thrilled to be tapering and was so tired I fell down on the sidewalk while running. Literally. There has been a noticeable lack of a race report from the June 18 Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon. In summary, I achieved Goal D: pssssht, whatever.

Essentially, my legs felt tired from the get-go but I was 45 seconds ahead of pace until Mile 20, at which point I felt like I couldn't breathe and had to walk. Medical tent at Mile 23 said I was good to go, so I jogged it in for a 3:42:02, almost 20 minutes slower than my A Goal. I genuinely feel as though I ran until I couldn't anymore. I stopped because I was worried about hurting myself (it felt like something was sitting on my chest), not because I was hurting and didn't want to.

I cried a few good tears at the finish line, then put it behind me and went on vacation! The rest of the summer has been spent doing other joyful things like moving into a beautiful apartment with le Awesome Boyfriend, and getting a puppy!!! Her name is Zucchini, she's a border collie, and she's going to run with me when she grows up!

I love her SO MUCH.

I started running again after the 4th of July and have slowly built up to 30 miles a week. Living back in the city and going home every day at lunch to take care of my little smoosh (Zucchini) also means I'm biking about 40 easy miles per week.

The last exciting thing that's happening Boston Marathon sign up! From the Philly Marathon last November, I have a buffer of 1:03 (3:33:57) under my qualifying time. Up until this month, I thought that wouldn't be enough to get in, and after Seattle I thought I wouldn't be running Boston 2017. But it's looking like I might get IN?! I will find out next week!

I've spent a fair bit of time thinking about what went wrong in Seattle. Did I hit the wall? I've never felt that awful when running before, and it was a vastly different experience from my first two marathons. I've settled on three explanations: 1. I was allergic to something in Seattle. I was having trouble with allergies all the week before and got even more sneezy when I landed on the West Coast. 2. I should've worn shorts instead of capris. I think I overheated and didn't notice. 3. I think I was severely, extremely, extensively over-trained and under-recovered. I ran an average of 24 miles per week for my first marathon, 27 for the second, and then jumped to 36 for the third and ramped up from running about 15 to 36 a week in the space of about a month (I essentially took December off then started back in around Christmas). As evidenced my last post from June, I was EXHAUSTED by the time the marathon came around. When I hit Mile 20 my legs just had nothing left to give and the rest of my body couldn't carry me by itself.

So, what have we leaaaaaarrned? Absolutely nothing! Well, maybe a little something: build mileage slowly. IF I am actually running Boston, I want to do it well. If I am not, I want to run a really good marathon in the spring and qualify with a giant buffer for 2018. My plan is 30 mpw + 40 mpw biking through the end of October, 35 mpw + 40 mpw biking in November, then 40 mpw + 40 mpw biking for the entirety of marathon training except for three spaced out peak weeks of 45 mpw running + 40 mpw biking. I'm not running anything faster than 'easy' pace until the end of September. I'm excited to see it goes!