Thursday, April 27, 2017

Getting Faster!!

Whoo!!! Zucchini ran 1 mile in the rain Tuesday night in 9:22!

When we started running she kept to a trot of around 11 minute miles. She understood pretty quickly that there is no stopping and sniffing in running (unless there is a poop emergency), but didn't have great focus. A lot of runs ended up with a total of around 10+ minutes/mile because we did fast finishes where she would break into a lope and ask to play tug with the leash. I was good with this because I want her to have fun and love running!

She ran two miles on Sunday in 11+ minute miles at a pretty steady trot. She seemed interested in the world but was definitely not interested in going faster. HOWEVER, on Tuesday it was raining. Zuc LOVES the rain. It makes her all excited. She already went to the park to play with her best friend in the morning and got a good walk at lunch, so I expected her to be a little tired. Not so. She started out by galloping. She settled pretty quickly. Then, for the first time, she got into a really good extended working trot! She was excited to be moving and stretched out her puppy legs!

I know, so exciting! #nerd

In her spare time she attends marches.

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