Thursday, April 13, 2017

Reboot: Let's Talk About Running and Dogs and Frolicking Like Ninjas

I'm another runner. I have goals and victories and disappointments. At the very end of 2016, I got a coach, and I'm feeling very optimistic and enthusiastic about my progress and the future! Hurrah. I don't have a lot to say about this on a regular basis other than HOOARY!!! and OUCHIE!!! and whoa running in the snow/sleet/thunderstorm/extreme heat is fun but difficult.

This is when she was 8 weeks old.
For the three people that read this blog, if you recall, last summer I added a small furry bundle of joy to my family. Her name is Zucchini.
She just turned 10 months old!
She is a border collie, which means she's smart, permanently set to Ludicrous Speed, and a little bit insane. I love her more than I can express. When she turns 1 years old, on June 10th, her birthday present will be that she gets to run with me for real. We started going on little baby 1 mile (and very recently 2 mile) runs once or twice a
week when she turned 9 months old. We aren't going further or more frequently until her growth plates are closed, which should be sometime in the next two months. I'm SO EXCITED to get to run with her more!

In anticipation, I have read everything I can find on the interwebs about dog fitness and running and training plans. It took about 5 minutes. Lest you think this exemplary of my poor googling skills, my skeptical boyfriend and friend also verified the surprising dearth of information. Where are all the runners obsessing about their dog's fitness and weekly mileage? Any information about their heart rates? Any horse people who spend countless hours monitoring and tracking their horses' fitness who also run with their dogs? There are lots of pooch-5k programs, but they all seem to focus on the human. What if Human already runs 40 miles per week?
She does not like sleeping.

My dog does not stop when she's tired. Even playing fetch, I've got to look out for her. So advice telling me to stop if she lags behind, or limps, is crap. That's like telling a runner to stop running if they snap a tendon. I mean, duh.

And, in that vein, where is all the dog-runner-specific merchandise???? Apparently the only thing anyone wants is a bungee leash that fastens around the runners waist? I don't know about you, but I choose my running gear carefully. I adjust if something chafes. I plan my nutrition and hydration. If I am asking my dog to run with me and I dictate our route, she deserves my attention to her comfort as well as mine.

See? Cute picture.
So, yes. She's a dog and so far she loves running. She doesn't need a whole lot. But she definitely needs a bit! This blog will talk about running with dogs and dog training plans and dog-running merchandise. It will also include cute pictures.

How did you train your dog to run? What kind of mileage do they do each week now? How fast do they go? How much does the temperature dictate how much they run? Is there anything you wish you could have for your dog?


  1. Wooo!!! I am so excited to read about your journey with Zucchini! You may have already done this but it might be worth searching for 'Canicross' events and training plans. It seems to be a much more popular event in Europe but I follow a few people on instagram who do it and they seem to have some helpful info!

    I also got Hershey's flyball harness from Alpine Outfitters and they tend to have a good selection of stuff for canicross/running gear for dogs

  2. Oh AWESOME!!! Thanks Donna!!! I've never heard of canicross but it sounds like exactly what I want. (immediately following all accounts and stalking all the pages) <3 :) :) :) <3