Monday, June 12, 2017


It's somewhat ironic that while Zucchini loves sprinting and running and leaping, she does not particularly care for running with me in the city. She gets bored..."mooooommmm why can't we stop and sniff??" Her trotting pace is pretty steady at slightly over 11 minutes/mile. If I try to encourage her faster she briefly perks up but quickly loses interest.

Thing is, I know she is perfectly physically capable of running much longer and faster than we do together. When we go hiking and she is off leash, she runs back and forth through the woods for almost an hour straight. And she plays high speed wrestling and fetch for 30 minutes every morning, in addition to walking almost 3 miles a day. (For the record, I've only ever asked her to run when she is fresh and raring to go, not after other activities).

So if she doesn't want to run in the city with me, she doesn't have to run in the city with me. With summer coming on it will shortly be too hot for her to safely run anyway. I'm fairly certain she will love running on trails with me, given her enthusiasm for the woods. We might try that in a couple of months.

For now, we are tabling it and enjoying the finer things in life, such as fetching tennis balls, excelling at agility classes, and taking a sheep herding seminar because why not?

A wild Zuc in her natural habitat on her birthday. Happy First Birthday puppy!!!

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