Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Runner Dog

Zucchini loves trail running. LOVES it. Goes crazy nuts for it. Whines if we stop.

We started running in the woods with a trail running group on Sundays and holy cow is she sure that this is her job. I'm pretty sure she'd go until she dropped if I let her. We started at 2 miles of off leash trail with 1.55 miles on leash on flat path back to the car. The following week we did 2.5 with 1.5 back to the car, and this week we did 3.5 miles with 1.15 back to the car! She's still raring to go when we finish.

I also finally figured out how to pique her interest in running in the city- go to a soccer field, give her a stuffed animal and then 'chase' her around. It results in some pretty intense and abrupt changes in direction and pace, but hey it's improving my fitness and she's in heaven. Plus now she's running 1 mile twice a week to assist in endurance building for our weekend jaunts.

This pup is going to be a trail running BEAST. I can't wait to see what she can do when she's three!

Whew! This is why I wanted a border collie. It would've been pretty funny if she turned out to not like running.