About Me and My Dog

My Dog

Her name is Zucchini. She is sassy and brilliant and beautiful. She almost never gets tired. She loves running and wrestling and pretending to be very fierce and growling when playing tug. She adores people to the extent that her nickname is WagTail. She loves dogs as long as they are not trying to take her stuff, which includes any toys she sees in her vicinity and the treats carried by Human. She tries v. v. hard to do the Right Thing. Hiking is her favorite activity, followed closely by being chased and fetching a ball. She's obsessed with motorcycles and skateboards. She probably really likes tattoos as well. She loves scallops, steak, mud, jumping, running, and poop. The fur around her ears smells vaguely of maple syrup.


I obtained my Masters of Environmental Science when I was twenty years old. I once completed my New Year’s Resolution on December 31st of the prior year. I ran my first marathon in under four hours. I bought, trained, and sold a horse and competed her in the sport of eventing. I rock climb like a boss. I do Bikram Yoga. Anything with milk in it makes me throw up prodigiously. I’m ambitious, optimistic, and friendly. I grew up in Colorado.

I want to solve the world’s environmental problems. I want to work for equality for all. Sometimes I sleep and it’s nice.


  1. I hate the cold as well!
    When I was running in the cold (many moons ago) my limit was 10 degrees!

  2. Haha Stu you crazy! Although maybe I'll get there...right now 21 degrees sounds insane to me.